Reverse Engineering & Sourcing

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Reverse Engineering and Sourcing

Reverse engineering is a process used by many engineers all over the world in order to enhance an existing object. An engineer will take the object apart in order to figure out ways to best duplicate it or make it better.

Reverse engineering is regularly used to analyse the design of an existing object, device or system. The process can be used to observe and assess the mechanisms within the object, to figure out the inner workings of the object and to compare the device against your suggested improvements. Engineers who use the reverse engineering process may also used it as an alternative method if obtaining technical data is costly.

As you can see, engineers have a lot to consider prior to reverse engineering. Ultimately, reverse engineering is the beginning of a redesign process. Its process includes observing a product, disassembling, analysing and testing it whilst also taking note of its functionality, form, manufacturing and ability to be assembled.

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